Welcome to PassionateInnkeepers.com! What began as a simple experiment … is now taking shape as a full-fledged effort to get back to basics in the bed and breakfast industry.

Innkeepers need “heads in beds”.
Inngoers need a place to stay.

While there are many variations and choices available, these two ideas are basic. The market is too crowded, with too much of the same thing. The same text mentioned dozens of times on the various B&B, Inn and Travel websites that are filled with distracting ads. Costs in the hundreds of dollars a year for Innkeepers’ participation in just one site, not to mention all the ones that are out there.

How about a simple, very low cost Bed and Breakfast website that offers 1) basic contact information, 2) a link to the B&B’s website and/or blog and 3) links to other important social media resources?

Well, PassionateInnkeepers.com has been quietly sitting in the background, compiling information, studying the market,  and engaging in conversations with Innkeepers for a couple of years. And, the answer is encouraging: “Yes”, “Go for it”, “That will work”, “Makes sense to me”.

With some tweaks (see below) to the site, grass roots support from a lot of great people (mostly all Innkeepers), and a commitment to keeping it simple, PassionateInnkeepers.com is ready to give it a go and see if we can really help Innkeepers get more business and save money while meeting the needs of Inngoers.


Start here by clicking to the U.S. page (or click a State, or Canadian Province on the right).


Start here by clicking to the Sign-Up page (only $1 per month; free listings for Associations).




Tweaks to the Site

Improvements and adjustments are constantly happening to this site. Please Contact us if you see any broken links, incorrect information or otherwise really bad errors. Thanks!

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